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Jack Kirby

Mister Sam Shearon

Sam's artwork can be found on the covers of cryptozoology books by David Weatherly, Ken Gerhard, David Childress, Loren Coleman among many others - and his work also appears on the covers of twelve 'Small Town Monsters' documentary films. He's explored many haunted houses - including growing up in one in England. He's hiked in the redwoods of California, Oregon and Washington in search of our giant hairy cousins - He's been chased by giant dragon-flies and held vigils in overgrown grave yards... and he's been witness to several UFO sightings both in the US and across Europe..

Chaz of The Dead

I’ve been investigating the paranormal since I was a child with about a decade of amateur experience. I take a, mostly, holistic and Biocentric approach. Combining the research of Psychonauts and Paranormal Investigators for the very first time in a modern and western tradition. I travel the world looking for new locations and methods, and will try just about anything to witness something paranormal!

Michaela Ford

Michaela Ford is a paranormal investigator, enthusiast, writer, researcher and podcast host from the UK. Having previously been a professional actress, she currently works as a primary school teacher in her 'real' life. In her 'paranormal' life, she is part of an investigation group called SPI and has a paranormal podcast called 'Paranormal Or What? podcast'. Her mission is to work together with as many other paranormal investigators as possible, in order to share information. Her motto is...'Together, we can work it out'.

Cody Turk

Cofounder: Turk Paranormal Society Contribution to the Paranormal field includes: Paranormal Journalist, Paranormal Researcher, Writer, Podcaster, and Founder of the Feast. Goal: To promote those who have given countless hours to the field of paranormal investigation. Without them, we wouldn't have a magazine.

Aaron Deese

Aaron Deese is a fortean enthusiast & blogger based in Austin & San Antonio, Texas. He and his wife Sara produce a podcast called Hey Strangeness and have too many cats.

Nick Valenzuela

I am the creator of California Creepypasta. I have been fascinated with the strange and mysterious all my life. Add to that, a zest for the open road and throwing myself with reckless abandon into adventure (sorry mom). I am a native Californian. A graduate of the Warren Institute for Paranormal Studies as a certified paranormal investigator. I consider myself a Fortean and open minded researcher.

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