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Move over Rover, drug sniffing squirrels are taking over

Move over Rover, drug sniffing squirrels are taking over

In their fight against drug traffickers, police in the Chinese city of Chongqing have resorted to a unique method: trained squirrels.

The Hechuan District Criminal Police Detachment’s Dog Brigade in Chongqing has proudly achieved a milestone by producing the first collection of drug-detecting squirrels to ever be bred in China.

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This innovative development was part of the nation’s government-funded research project, with an aim to devise advanced training techniques for antidrug animals.

It has been widely known for many years that squirrels have a stunning sense of smell, yet techniques to train these rodents were not sophisticated enough until recently.

The Police Dog Brigade of Hechuan District has recently made a remarkable breakthrough – they have trained six squirrels to detect hidden illegal substances! These furry little helpers will soon be working with the police, taking over one of their toughest tasks. It’s no wonder that Chinese news outlets are abuzz about this incredible feat!

Lead trainer Yin Jin of the Hechuan police dog brigade detailed to journalists that he and his group were able to train six squirrels utilizing unique technologies and training approaches. The rodents, reportedly trained for drug detection by scratching at areas where drugs were present, astounded onlookers with their skill.

Results from tests demonstrate not only the same level of effectiveness in sniffing out drugs between squirrels and dogs, but also that they are more advantageous due to their agility and smaller size. Additionally, because of their high energy level and small stature, these furry rodents can access areas that no dog could ever check!

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