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Mysterious Big Cat Photographed in Hawaii

Mysterious Big Cat Photographed in Hawaii

A Hawaiian man was stunned when he saw a bizarre and rather enormous big cat roaming around his home over the weekend. According to a local media report, an unidentified witness was weeding his yard in the relatively rural town of Holualoa on Sunday morning when he noticed something odd. When he noticed that there was a large animal about 400 feet away near a stone wall on his property, the usually regular job became startlingly abnormal. “I see this massive animal and at first I’m thinking that’s a big dog,” the shaken witness recalled, “I’m like, oh my god, that is not a dog that is a cat. That is a huge cat.”

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The man was so unnerved by the animal that he was shaking as he attempted to snap the picture. In an attempt to keep the creature at bay, the witness fired a rifle in its direction, causing it to flee the area in a way that left him perplexed. “As soon as it jumped, I mean this thing maybe five, six feet up in the air, as well as out almost 30 feet,” he recalled, “I’ve never seen anything like that. I mean, cats can jump but I’ve never seen a big cat jump.”

After the creature left, the man went to where it had been standing and took pictures of its footprints. He sent these photos off to the state’s Department of Land and Natural Resources in order for them to investigate this curious big cat sighting .

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According to people who live in the area, the feline was likely injured or pursued by a dog. They plan to employ game cameras in an attempt to spot it again, and if possible, capture it. As for what kind of cat it might have been, an expert from the Honolulu Zoo acknowledged that the photographs are hard to interpret, but he or she opined that paw prints suggest it may have been a Southwestern Lynx, which is a non-native animal living in Hawaii and most likely escaped from a private collector keeping it illegally captive.

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