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Mystery Animal Sparks “Stranger Things” Debate In India

Mystery Animal Sparks “Stranger Things” Debate In India

A creature of unknown origin caused alarm last week when it was found in a shop in the Indian state of Bihar.

On Thursday, a strange animal that had reportedly gotten into a property the night before caused a stir outside a store in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district.

Woman hears Fairy laughter while lost in the woods

Within a short time, word spread, and a considerable crowd gathered. As expected, rumors began to circulate, with some people claiming that the creature was actually a Demogorgon from the popular Netflix show Stranger Things.

This caused a panic, with some thinking it was an actual monster. It didn’t help matters when a well-known local figure claimed the monster was an extraterrestrial intruder that had come from another planet.

In reality, the weird creature – which was definitely cat-like – was most likely a civet cat with mange that had sneaked into the city from the adjacent forest. Exactly what happened to it after things had settled down remains unclear.

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