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Mystery Sphere found on Japanese beach


Mystery Sphere found on Japanese beach

Residents and police in a Japanese coastal town have been left completely perplexed by the arrival of a massive iron ball on their beach, but they can rest assured that it poses no risk of detonation. Unfortunately, authorities are still stumped as to what this mysterious object is.

According to a recent report by The Guardian, an unusual object measuring around 5 feet in diameter has caused widespread curiosity after being found on Enshu beach near the city of Hamamatsu on Japan’s Pacific coast. Local media outlets have reported that speculation surrounding the find is quickly growing as people seek answers regarding its origin and purpose.

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After experts employed X-ray technology to inspect the inner components of the object and discovered it was void, fears that it could be a stray mine were dissipated.

The sphere’s lack of involvement in espionage by North Korea or China has been confirmed, and its two raised handles on the surface suggest that it is nothing more than a mooring buoy that unfortunately drifted off.

While out for a stroll this week, a local woman noticed an orangey-brown ball with darker patches of rust resting on the beach just feet away from the shore. Consequently, police were called in to investigate it further as reported by Asahi TV.

Officers barricaded the area and summoned specialized bomb technicians garbed in defensive apparel to draw nearer investigations, yet rumors point out that administrators are still uncertain of what the sphere is or where it originated.

Photographs have been distributed to the Japanese self-defence forces and coast guard for further analysis.

Image Credit: Twitter / NHK

A nearby jogger, who frequently runs on the beach, was confused as to why this ordinary ball had become of such sudden interest. “It’s been there for an entire month,” he exclaimed to NHK News. “I tried pushing it with all my might but it wouldn’t budge.”

At one point, officers cordoned off a 650-foot circumference around the ball while specialists attempted to decipher the enigma without success.

Some argued it seemed like something out of the beloved manga franchise, Dragon Ball. Others speculated that a UFO had descended from above.

After Japan declared that several suspected Chinese spy balloons had apparently been seen over its land in recent times, the TV footage of the object created a flurry of speculation online.

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