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Mystery surrounds unexplained cattle deaths in Colorado


Mystery surrounds unexplained cattle deaths in Colorado

Mystery surrounds unexplained cattle deaths in Colorado

Over the last two months, at least 40 cows have died inexplicably, and officials are stumped.

The phenomenon began in October when a ranch in Meeker, Colorado reported that 18 of its cattle had died suddenly and without explanation.

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Initially, investigators assumed that wolves were responsible for the death of the cows. They examined the animals and conducted extensive surveys of the region to look for signs of predators. However, they found very little evidence to suggest that this was what had happened to the cows.

When several more cattle mysteriously died, investigators were left baffled and scrambling for answers. The possibility that the cows had been infected with a deadly bacteria was even considered, but a forensic examination of the remains revealed no evidence of this either.

The event has resulted in the death of more than 40 animals.

Travis Black, the area’s Colorado parks and wildlife manager, described the situation as “perplexing”.

“We’re scratching our heads a little bit,” he said. “We don’t know exactly what has occurred up there.”

Efforts to get to the bottom of the mystery remain ongoing.

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