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Pale Humanoid Caught On Security Cam

Pale Creature Caught On Security Cam


Pale Humanoid Caught On Security Cam

Pale Humanoid Caught On Security Cam

These images were posted to Douglas Windsor McLoney III Facebook Group on July 5th

McLoney, a resident of Morehead, Kentucky, says that these photographs were taken from a security camera in the Red River Gorge and added that at least two videos exist of the creature.

McLoney goes on to say, “I’m gonna try to get the original video to show. There are two videos actually, and it shows the way the thing moves, and it doesn’t move like a human. It moves almost like its knee caps are backward. Reminds me of Smeagle of Lord of the Rings. But in that last picture, you can see the ribs, and pretty much the bones.”

While watching the film, McLoney snapped these pictures on his cellphone.

Pale Humanoid Caught On Security Cam

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