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Paranormal Society of Savannah hosts Savannah Horror Fest


Paranormal Society of Savannah hosts Savannah Horror Fest

Paranormal Society of Savannah hosts Savannah Horror Fest

Patrick Welsh is well-acquainted with the supernatural in Savannah. He heads up the Paranormal Society of Savannah, serves as Scare Master for Alee Terror Plantation, and operates Haunted Grounds Coffee in Midway.

Despite its eerie reputation, Savannah surprisingly lacks a plethora of paranormal conventions. However, that’s all about to change! Welsh is planning the ultimate ghostly gathering with Savannah Horror Fest on Saturday, Feb. 25th at the Alee Shrine (100 Eisenhower Drive).

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“We wanted to do it last August,” said Welsh. Unfortunately, the commitments associated with planning for Terror Plantation at the Alee Shrine in October hindered his efforts to plan for a convention. To ensure that he can both work on Savannah Horror Fest and still help out with other projects, he is currently training someone to take over some of those responsibilities.

Embarking on a convention may be daunting, yet Welsh is certain that he has laid the groundwork for success. “We’ve got a lot of personal friends and people we’ve just known that were like, yeah, man, let’s do something.”

Despite it being their inaugural convention, Welsh has put together a stellar lineup of guests – most notably “Paranormal State” investigator Heather Taddy who had expressed great interest in visiting Savannah when they initially contacted her. This will be the first time she’s ever been.

William Mark McCullough, renowned actor turned haunted house proprietor on which he based the movie hit “A Savannah Haunting,” will also be in attendance. “He grew up with one of team members. We were lucky to investigate his house numerous times before the movie came out. He’s good friends with us now.”

McCullough will be accompanied by Jaelyn Buffkin, who plays Alice in the movie. Welsh is familiar with both of them as they have frequented Haunted Grounds Coffee a few times before. To celebrate their recognition at the convention, a table has been set up for autographs and pictures to commemorate this special moment. Both McCullough and Buffkin will join together on one stage where they’ll provide an illuminating discussion revolving around “A Savannah Haunting”.

An additional guest who is attending the event is Courtney Gains, well-known for his performance in ‘Children of the Corn’. He has a close connection to one of the Paranormal Society of Savannah’s team members.

Of course, a wide variety of paranormal investigators and authors will be present including Paranormality Magazine. “We’re thrilled to welcome back some great friends from past projects– Olde World Paranormal Society from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Southern Heat Paranormal from Warner Robbins Georgia—who each have captivating tales to tell about their experiences in the supernatural world,” Welch said.

You’ll also have the chance to attend panels and workshops discussing paranormal investigations, equipment, and analyzing evidence – where you can connect with peers to further your research in this field! With these resources available, not only will you be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of paranormal investigation activities but it’s an incredibly exciting opportunity.

Welsh plans to expand the Savannah Horror Fest and draw an assortment of well-known names in the years ahead. “We are passionate about our work, which is why we’re excited to share it with everyone who loves paranormal investigation and ghost hunting.”

Savannah Horror Fest tickets are just $15 for the Saturday convention, and members of the military or children 12 years old and under get in free! Additionally, there are a range of packages available that provide exclusive access to events such as an extraordinary paranormal investigation at Graveface Museum with renowned specialist Heather Taddy.

For more information, go to SavannahScare.com.

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