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Police station left abandoned for days after ghost attack


Police station left abandoned for days after ghost attack

Police station left abandoned for days after ghost attack

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Absolutely not these officers!

After a reportedly violent encounter with ghosts, the officers assigned to Relela Police Station suddenly deserted it for several days.

Allegedly, the most recent incident occurred a few days before the holiday season, and the last reported act was shortly following stage 6 load shedding.

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Law enforcement was worried that a mysterious assailant could be lurking in the shadows.

The officers were forced to flee the station, overwhelmed with fear that they would become victims of the menacing ghosts. Traversing around Relela until sunrise, they could not believe what had happened – it seemed as if the spirits had taken over and turned their workplace into an eerie playground.

In lieu of visiting the Tzaneen Police Station to file a report, their opening stop was at this journalist’s residence.

“What I have seen last night is despicable,” said one of the officers in a trembling voice.

The officers spoke on condition of anonymity. “Our cop shop is invaded by ghosts,” said one.

Ancient tombs

The area is encircled by ancestral graves belonging to a family that moved away from the village many years ago. “During the day the station is a cool place to work because of the breeze from the trees. But during cloudy or rainy nights, the ghosts strike. “They usually start unleashing their reign of terror behind the station and in the toilets,” said a terrified officer.

photo by Alex Japho Matlala

“Soon after you sit down on the toilet seat, you feel a gentle wind blowing through the door. Later on tree branches surrounding the toilets start shaking. This is accompanied by cries of unusual wild animals.

The fear of the supernatural has made Relela Satellite Police Station a forbidden zone for law enforcement and those affected by crime.

“The next thing is the lights. They go on and off. There are loud footsteps moving around the toilets and the yard, but you cannot see anyone. The footsteps are similar to a giant elephant’s,” said the officer.

An anonymous villager, who works at Relela bus stop and runs a small business, asserted that it was widely known that apparitions prowled the area of the police station during nightfall.

When asked to confirm or deny these reports, Provincial police spokesperson Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo remained noncommittal.

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