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Scientology takes shots at Paranormal Podcast


Scientology takes shots at Paranormal Podcast

Scientology takes shots at Paranormal Podcast

Popular paranormal podcast Last Podcast on the Left has drawn the ire of one of America’s strangest fringe religions, Scientology.

The podcast recently finished up a three part series covering the rise of the group’s current leader, David Miscavige. And Scientologists have taken to Twitter in response. 

The podcast has previously covered the religions founder L Ron Hubbard in 2017, but its current series on the Miscavige, who is known for his secrecy, has caught the group’s special attention.

Posts tagging the show’s sponsors, and demanding they be demonetized have begun circulating. Although they mostly seemed to have been laughed off, with the majority of comments mocking the group.

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Many people in the comments can be seen to reply: “Where is Shelly?” a callout asking the whereabouts of Miscavige’s wife, who has not been seen in public since 2007.

The Last Podcast Network has a sister show, Someplace underneath, and has also done a series on Shelly, looking into the missing woman’s story.

Last Podcast on the Left can also be heard on the show discussing possible theories on Shelly and her whereabouts, all of which are viewed as ‘Hate Speech’ by followers of the group. 

According to former members, Miscavige is known to have quite the temper and often would abuse members physically and psychologically.

The group has been known to retaliate against people who speak out against them, and it seems the comedy trio is the current target.

The three hosts all reported receiving phone calls with the caller ID stating ‘Scientology’ in the evenings before recording.

Miscavige is known to have spent millions on private investigators to tail and intimidate former members and journalists who write about or cover subjects involving the group, which many label a cult.

Is the Paranormal community the next target?

Perhaps, but the Last Podcast trio doesn’t seem very worried. They can be heard laughing off the phone calls on their show, and proclaiming the anti-show tweets make them look “badass”, which is hard to argue against.

They also point out that membership of the group is at an all time low, with estimates that there are only a few Thousands Hubbard followers around these days. Here at Paranormality we certainly don’t believe in intimidation in any field of journalism, and especially so in the paranormal field.

If you know someone struggling with a group you believe to be a cult there are resources for help: https://www.daretodoubt.org/cults

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