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Scotland’s Calvine UFO mystery may have been solved

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Scotland’s Calvine UFO mystery may have been solved

Scotland’s Calvine UFO mystery may have been solved

Former BBC producer Simon Holland believes that he may have found an explanation for the famous 1990 UFO photograph. On August 4th 1990, two young chefs had been walking in the Cairngorms National Park near Perth when they spotted a strange diamond-shaped object in the sky nearby.

Terrified, the men hid behind some bushes to observe the mysterious craft.

A short time later, they heard the sound of an RAF jet approaching. The plane seemed to change course and circle the UFO for a time before returning to its original course.

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Keen to take a photograph, one of the men aimed their camera at the sky and took a few snaps.

A few seconds later, the object flew upwards into the heavens and was gone. Exactly what the men witnessed that day has remained a mystery for over 20 years, but now former BBC producer Simon Holland believes that he may have found the answer and it isn’t aliens.

Instead, his own investigation has revealed the possibility that the object may have been part of a classified radar-busting defense system that involved a diamond-shaped aircraft escorted by jets.

“The MOD previously stated, no ‘known’ Harriers were flying in Perthshire on 4th Aug 1990,” he said.

“That turns out to be a massive clue to who’s they were.”

“I discovered that the only other British Harriers were privately owned by BAE Systems, the defense contractor. They used their Harriers as multi-roll defense test platforms, testing BAE advanced technology.”

“I dug deeper and found that Marconi Advanced Materials, based inside BAE HQ at Warton, Lancashire, were probably working on an advanced ‘stealth’ skin material for the USAF.”

This article is republished from Unexplained Mysteries under a Creative Commons license.

Read the original article by T.K. Randall

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