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Shapeshifter filmed fleeing from tree

Shapeshifter filmed fleeing from tree

A peculiar piece of footage circulating online appears to show a shadowy figure suddenly emerging from a tree and then seemingly vanishing into thin air. The very puzzling scene was reportedly captured in the background of a Snapchat video that was then subsequently shared on TikTok by a woman who claims that it was filmed by the granddaughter of her boss. Although she does not specify the location where the footage was filmed, the woman indicates that it was somewhere “up in the mountains a little bit.”

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In the video, the person behind the camera sits inside a piece of construction equipment and films a wooded area in front of them. Suddenly, a dark form that was initially situated in the crook of a tree seems to leap down to the ground and land on two feet. Within seconds, the oddity blends into the background as if it has either vanished into the woods or has cloaked itself in some fashion. The woman who shared the video online later posted an update wherein she insisted that the footage was not altered in any way and that whatever is seen in the video is a genuine occurrence.

As for what the weird figure in the video could have been, some viewers have suggested that the anomaly is actually a Bigfoot that might have been surprised by the person filming and, in turn, quickly fled the scene and, in the process, activated some kind of defense mechanism wherein it is rendered invisible. More skeptical observers, on the other hand, argue that the ‘entity’ is perhaps a prosaic object, such as a falling leaf, that appears fantastic due to the angle and distance from the camera. With that in mind, what’s your take on the truly bewildering footage?

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