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Singer who ‘married’ a ghost claims he ruined their honeymoon


Singer who ‘married’ a ghost claims he ruined their honeymoon

Singer who ‘married’ a ghost claims he ruined their honeymoon

In the words of British singer Brocarde, her honeymoon in Wales was a disaster – all reportedly due to her Victorian ghost husband Edwardo imbibing too much and forcing her to pay the bill. This story has been featured by The Daily Star.

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One night, the singer encountered her spectral partner in her bedroom and they had an instant connection. Unfortunately, Edwardo seemed to vanish after she publicly announced their relationship. Despite this difficult period for the couple, a loving bond has been reignited between them once more.

“I wrote the song to win Edwardo back after he ghosted me for publicly disclosing our romance. I wanted it to express the passion that I feel within my soul ever since meeting Edwardo,” said the singer.

“It was so special to walk down the aisle towards Edwardo with the song playing that I wrote for him, I will never forget the smile on his face!”


Brocarde reported that the wedding, an event attended by both living and deceased guests, welcomed a glittering guest list including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and even King Henry VIII.

At the reception, Monroe commanded attention and caused a stir.

“Edwardo just couldn’t resist winding me up and made an inappropriate comment about her looking hot,” slammed the singer. “I was like ‘wow really? It’s our wedding day’. The comment completely ruined my evening!”

Their marriage still didn’t quite solidify on their honeymoon either.

The singer’s romantic getaway with her new flame was anything but tranquil and enjoyable, according to her.

Brocarde recounted how Edwardo attempted to be sassy with her, resulting in sand being thrown all over her and an ice cream cone shoved into her face.

“The whole trip just seemed to get worse and worse… Edwardo thought he was being passionate and romantic by wrestling me to the ground to frolic in the sand, but I was trying to share my ice cream with him and it went everywhere, all over my face, in my hair and then, of course, the sand stuck to it so I looked like I’d had a fight with a giant seagull,” huffed Brocarde.

“We should of been on an amazing honeymoon but from that point on it was just ruined. Edwardo has always been unpredictable so it is typical that he would ruin our honeymoon!”

“Edwardo obviously doesn’t have a bank card so it is always me that has to pick up the tab everywhere we visit … and he certainly likes to go wild in our hotel room minibars,” continues Brocarde. “Liquor bottles are always mysteriously left empty, aside from the gin bottle, they are always left standing, he’s obviously not that partial to that spirit.”


When they reached the hotel, Brocarde’s husband adamantly requested that they purchase twelve bottles of premium champagne.

Things have not gotten any better says Brocarde, who released a brand-new single called “It’s Christmas again” which details what it’s like to be the wife of a ghost at Christmas time.

“Edwardo is really jealous at Christmas, I have tried every day this week to put the Christmas tree up but he just keeps knocking it over,” explained Brocarde.

“He hates the thought of Santa coming down the chimney and he even tried to board it up, I have told him that Santa visits everyone and he doesn’t have a crush on me, but he just doesn’t understand!”

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