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Sleeping Woman Escapes Death By Inches As A Meteor Lands On Pillow

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Sleeping Woman Escapes Death By Inches As A Meteor Lands On Pillow

It’s 11:50 pm when Ruth Hamilton of Golden, British Columbia woke up to the sound of a crash and dust on her face.

Ruth told Victoria News,  ‘I just jumped up and turned on the light, I couldn’t figure out what the heck had happened.”  

Still not knowing what it was Ruth called 911, and she and an officer made calls to confirm that it wasn’t debris from nearby construction at the Kicking Horse Canyon. 

‘We called the Canyon project to see if they were doing any blasting and they weren’t, but they did say they had seen a bright light in the sky that had exploded and caused some booms,’ said Hamilton. There was a meteor shower 52 miles east of her location.

. Hamilton, was unharmed, saw a rock on her pillow right next to where her head usually lies.

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Photo by Ruth Hamilton

‘I was shaking and scared when it happened, I thought someone had jumped in or it was a gun or something. It’s almost a relief when we realized it could only have fallen out of the sky,’ she said.

‘I’m just totally amazed over the fact that it is a star that came out of the sky, It’s maybe billions of years old,’ Hamilton said, adding that the cosmic near-death experience has given her a new outlook on life. 

‘The only other thing I can think of saying is life is precious and it could be gone at any moment even when you think you are safe and secure in your bed.

‘I hope I never ever take it for granted again,’ she said.

Hamilton says she’s unlikely to take up stargazing or astronomy as a hobby. 

‘That’s enough for a lifetime, I think,’ she said.

Ruth plans to keep the meteor as a keepsake and give it to her grandchildren.

Meanwhile, her insurance company plans to conduct a walk-through and determine whether burning space matter is covered under her policy. The company said they’d never handled a claim like this before.

Meteorites that originate from asteroids, rocks that orbit the sun, are all about 4.5 billion years old, according to Arizona State University’s Center for Meteorite Studies.

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