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Small humanoid-like creature captured on trail camera in Australia

Small humanoid-like creature captured on trail camera in Australia

A camera positioned to take pictures of deer and other animals moving along a trail has instead captured what looks like a small, human-like creature staring out from the darkness.

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Recently, MrMBB333 was sent outdoor wildlife footage from a camera with night vision that had recorded something on October 21st near Sydney, Australia.

The video shows a small, humanoid creature in the bottom left-hand corner, peering out from behind some plants. Its eyes shine brightly in the darkness as its head moves side to side. The camera’s motion sensor was most likely activated by this movement.

Given the darkness and lack of resolution, it’s difficult to tell what the creature is. There’s a possibility that it could be an animal like an opossum that was illuminated in a way that makes it look like a small humanoid.

This video is both interesting and creepy, but it’s still not clear what it shows.

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