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Spooky Black Ring Spotted Floating Across Sky


Spooky Black Ring Spotted Floating Across Sky

Confused witnesses thought it was an alien ship landing after a mysterious ring-like shape was seen moving slowly across the Columbian city of Barrancabermeja.

A mysterious black ring that appeared above a city had some residents believing aliens were about to land.

In one of several videos filmed by onlookers, one resident is heard saying: “God, that’s very strange, I hope they’re not aliens.”

Another passer-by says: “Look at that in the sky, I don’t know what it is.”

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Image: Newsflash

Luis Nunez, of the Halley Group Astronomy Complex at the Industrial University of Santander, believes the scary black ring has a more rational explanation than aliens.

He told radio station Blu Radio: “These are smoke rings generated by a large structure. Smoke can originate by accident… it could be due to a boat on the Magdalena River or in the oil facility.  “It is an artificial phenomenon, and given the weather conditions, in this case, a cloudy day, it appears clearer to people.”

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