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Stormy Daniels was haunted by “non-human thing with tentacles”


Stormy Daniels was haunted by “non-human thing with tentacles”

Stormy Daniels was haunted by “non-human thing with tentacles”

The ex-porn star claimed her previous home was supposedly haunted by a “dark, inhuman entity with tentacles.”

Daniels, whose birth name is Stephanie Gregory Clifford, said on a recent episode of “Ghost Magnet with Bridget Marquardt” that an unidentified entity would break items and attack her health as well as the mental wellbeing of her then-boyfriend.

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“Definitely one very, very dark non-human thing with these tentacles and that’s what I caught on camera and [it] shattered my ex’s guitar,” the 43-year-old said on Monday’s episode. “It just snapped in half one day sitting on the stand. It did not like him at all.”

According to Daniels, the hauntings started after she moved into her 200-year-old home in New Orleans’ Garden District in 2019. She described the different entities on the podcast.

“One is a woman who lost a child and blamed herself, and if I stood in a certain spot in the kitchen, I would just cry, and like a couple of people said, like, they felt like she was cutting herself,” explained Daniels.

The adult film director said another spirit was allegedly felt by a medium over Zoom.

“The house is partially furnished, and there’s a very old mirror upstairs that I used to always feel like someone was watching me but it was kind of a protective feeling,” said Daniels.

“And they’re like, ‘There’s a woman that used to get made up in that mirror. She was a lady of the night, and she identifies with you because you’re a sex worker, and she’s very protective of any man who gets in that bed with you.’ “

The New York Post reached out to Daniels for comment. Daniels believes the hauntings influenced her relationship.

“The guy who was living with me at the time, we started fighting. He got real mean, would say horrible things to me for no reason,” recalled

“And then it escalated to him putting his hands on me, which had never happened when we lived together in our previous place. And then he was gone.”

According to Daniels, the house started to “get aggressive” when she planned to move.

“I started having these headaches, and my hair was falling out, and I have pictures of me with like blood coming out of my ears. Then like stuff would, instead of something just moving or tapping, fly at me. You could feel the hostility in the house,” said Daniels, who appears on the new season of “The Surreal Life.”

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