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Strange star shaped UAP seen in Mexico

Strange star shaped UAP seen in Mexico

In Mexico, two separate individuals filmed a strange-looking star-shaped object that flew strangely in the sky.

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Valeria, an internet user from Tlaxcala, uploaded the oddity’s first video to TikTok in late September. She noted that the black spiky oddity “moved very slowly and remained static for a long time,” according to her comment on TikTok.

It appears that Valeria is not the only person who saw this UFO; another film of it appeared online the next day, according to reports.

The following footage, seen below, appears to have been shot by someone driving and captures the strange object once more hovering in the sky.

The person who shared it on TikTok said that the sighting also happened in Tlaxcala and that “the aerial anomaly was just static, it didn’t move at all.

No wind, no breeze…no nothing.” It’s unclear if this incident took place at the same time as Valeria’s or if this is the second appearance of this bizarre UFO.

Some say the unidentified flying object could be a drone that has been made to look extraterrestrial, although this assumption cannot be confirmed.

If the two incidents occurred at about the same time, another possibility is that the oddity was a balloon of either scientific or party origin.

It’s possible that the two sightings are part of a marketing campaign, given how the videos appeared online. If that’s the case, what do you think about the strange object seen twice in Tlaxcala?

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