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Supposed Alien Mummy Discovered In Taxco, Guerrero

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Supposed Alien Mummy Discovered In Taxco, Guerrero

Supposed Alien Mummy Discovered In Taxco, Guerrero

The mummy found has a humanoid shape, with long legs and arms, whose hands have four fingers. A mummy and a skull supposedly of extraterrestrials were found in Taxco, Guerrero, by the military doctor and researcher of ancient cultures, Pablo Enrique García Sánchez.

The researcher revealed that he discovered the archaeological remains in a mine in Taxco, which could belong to an unknown culture that inhabited the country.

Doctor Garcia Sanchez identified the mummy as “Citlaltemini” (Brother of the Stars). Humanoid mummy and carved skull The mummy has a humanoid shape with long legs and arms whose hands have four fingers, while its head has an elongated shape at the top that seems to be directly connected to the top of the skull. As for the head, it is seen that it has carved some marks and has two cavities in the eyes too large.

Images taken by Raúl Sendic García Estrada were shared on Facebook, where some users claimed that both pieces are fake. They even claimed that the skull is a modified domestic pig. Other netizens are convinced of the veracity of these, ensuring that humans have never been alone.

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