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Man claims he’s the first person to be tattooed by a monkey

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Man claims he’s the first person to be tattooed by a monkey

Man claims he’s the first person to be tattooed by a monkey

The monkey was tasked with tattooing the influencer’s NFT logo- the F8 club

In a daring act of artistry, an artist from South America took training a pet monkey to the extreme by letting it use a tattoo machine to permanently ink him on his knee.

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After only two hours of instruction from social media influencer Funky Matas, the daring novice was ready to give his trainer a unique and permanent tattoo!

The viral video that you can see above revealed that the monkey refused to display his talents until he was paid with snacks- providing an entertaining yet distinct message about fair working practices. Additionally, Funky’s knee unveiled a large newly inked tattoo, depicting an eye-catching symbol created by the new apprentice – a captivating reminder of all the skill and hard work!

An enthusiastic student was selected on a whim by Funky, who then traveled to Mexico and found someone who had a pet monkey as well as an eccentric tattoo shop owner who would be more than happy to let a monkey tattoo a random stranger with a camera.

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