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Texas man flees 2 homes because of ‘aggressive spirit’

After experiencing a near-death experience, a man and his wife were compelled to abandon two homes due to the paranormal being that was said to be haunting him.

Nick Summers, a 36-year old Texan, strongly believes he has created an otherworldly connection due to his work accident that caused his heart to stop beating three times, the Daily Star reports

Since then, the couple has experienced a surge in paranormal activity in their homes and has even recorded suspicious CCTV footage that suggests objects are moving without any force.

“In both houses, I have to change 14 to 20 lightbulbs per month because they pop out, boom. It’s insane.

“In the last house, the intensity got so bad, a coffee cup slid out of a stand and hit me, the sink would turn on. I was getting hit with bottle caps and I would go in the kitchen and all the cupboards would be open like in a movie.

“The creepiest thing that ever happened was we saw a shadow the size of a fridge come out of our bedroom, down the hall, stop in front of us and go up into the ceiling.”

Nick revealed that his wife Kinsey, a nurse, had heard persistent “tapping” on the couch which left her so terrified she was forced to stay in hotels for multiple nights.

Nick’s sighting of a spectral girl in their living room forced the couple out of their original residence shortly after.

“One morning I woke up and I just felt that someone was in the house. I told Kinsey to stay in bed and went into the living room and saw a female spirit. It was the most detailed, scary experience of my life,” he said.

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“She looked nine or 10, her outline was vibrating and there was a light blue around her. She was wearing floral print pyjamas like our grandmas used to wear.

“She was looking out of the window and then she evaporated. I screamed to Kinsey that I’d just seen a ghost in the house.”

According to Nick, he was able to establish a connection with the entity using a ‘spirit box’ – an apparatus designed specifically for attempting communication with spirits. It is comparable to an electronic ouija board.

He added: “I tried to make contact. I asked their name, they said Dusty. I asked if they wanted us to stay in the house and it started laughing.”

“The next day, the ceiling caved in. It was an eight-foot circle and no one could tell us why.

“We were super happy to move. I’m not really scared of ghosts but it catches me by surprise.”

Hoping to escape the mysterious entity trailing them, Nick and his wife relocated three miles away; however, their efforts were fruitless as the haunting only intensified with this move.

He said: “After a month of living here, things started cranking up a notch. I got cameras to catch it on camera. I see orbs all the time that hang out and separate into two.

“My TV has been ripped off the wall, the spoon moving, the pen rolling, my name is called in the house at least three times per week.

“I hear ‘hey Nick’ in my own voice and I get goosebumps. It’s a totally different ball game.

He added: “Things go missing and move around. My bedroom doors lock themselves like someone is inside. It’s crazy.

“I think we have an aggressive spirit, I don’t think it’s a demon because they’re really rare, poltergeists are more common.”

Nick started investigating paranormal activity in 2019 after an accident at work where 300lbs of machinery at the oil rig plummeted 50 feet and hit him, resulting in 27 broken bones in his back and a collapsed right lung.

Nick said he underwent three blood transfusions and had his head “superglued”.

After his physical therapist instructed him to select a new hobby, he relearned how to walk and began exploring the realm of paranormal investigations.

However, he is convinced that a ghostly presence may have attached itself to him while venturing through an abandoned hospital.

Nick said: “I started going to abandoned mansions, hotels and hospitals. There’s a hospital in town that’s been abandoned since the 1940s. That’s when everything started happening to me at my house. Everything got cranked up activity-wise after that.

He added: “I died three times so I don’t know if it made me easy to see.”

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