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The Haunted Island Hotel In Cedar Key Florida


The Haunted Island Hotel In Cedar Key Florida

Cedar Key is the second oldest settlement in Florida, this small barrier island is located off of Floridas Gulf Coast. The Island Hotel is located on the corner of 2nd and “B” Street. Built sometime in 1859 the hotel was originally a general store constructed of 10-inch thick tabby, and supported by massive 12-inch thick oak beams, it has valiantly withstood innumerable hurricanes, floods, storms, and other disasters not to mention the passing of time. The building itself has had relatively stayed the same with the exception of the addition of the bar and murals that were added around 1945. Its intriguing history is filled with stories of guests who were famous, infamous, and even beyond belief.

During the Civil War, the island was used by the Confederacy as a port to export lumber and cotton and import food and weapons. On January 16th, 1862 The Union Navy invaded Cedar Key burning most of the town. The Island Hotel survived the attack on the island so that it could be used as barracks for the Union Soldiers. After the war, the building has been used as a Post Office, The Customs House, A family Home, and was rumored to be a brothel in the 30s.

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The Island Hotel is said to be haunted by two former owners, a young black boy, a Civil War soldier, two Native Americans, and a prostitute. According to local legend, a shy, inexperienced prostitute was killed one night and now haunts the hotel.

The best chance to have an encounter is said to be in Rooms 27 and 28 those are the favored locations for the woman of the night.

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My husband and I stayed in rm 34 and I’m a believer he wasn’t at the time. That night after midnight my husband asked me if I saw the white cloud or white smoke go through our room I said no and he insisted he saw it , I believe him because I awoke from sleep and just missed it , then I couldn’t get back to sleep about 3:17 I woke up saw lights under the door and wanted to check in the parlor but I couldn’t get my husband to go with me and I was to scared to check it but I’m sure something was going on .


I stayed in room 23 and had a bottle of sunscreen just fall off of the night stand at 1155 at night.. I was laying in bed playing with my phone, heard the noise and looked over and the sunscreen was rolling toward the corner of the room…


My family stayed in rooms 27 and 28 in 2003. We experienced hearing footsteps and the sounds of furniture moving or things dragging across the floor all night long. We got up several times to check the common area and nothing was there. It was truly spooky. I thought I would be somewhat comfortable with paranormal activities since I knew no one had ever been hurt by the entities at the hotel but my reaction was different while in the midst of activity. Our overhead fan was rotating also although it had not been turned on. And once when we left the room, my husband forgot his camera. Went back to get it and the cupboard doors were standing open to the nightstand chest. He tested the doors ‘swing’ and it did not seem able to open by itself. Must have had some help. Chilling.


Since Cedar Key is only a 3 1/2 hour drive from where I live, I decided to book a room for the weekend. Check back for the update.

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