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The Haunted Town Of Bodie California


The Haunted Town Of Bodie California

Long considered one of the most haunted towns in America, Bodie, California is a well-preserved ghost town in the Bodie Hills east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It is located 12mi east-southeast of Bridgeport, at an elevation of 8379ft. With its long history of paranormal activity, this former capital city is sure to give you a spine-tingling experience.

History of Bodie

Bodie began as a mining camp of little note following the discovery of gold in 1859 by a group of prospectors, including W. S. Bodey.

However, by 1879 it had become a booming town with a population of over 10,000 people and 2,000 buildings.

The town’s fortunes declined after 1886 when the price of gold dropped and most of the mines closed.

By 1915, Bodie had a population of only 120 people and by 1942, the town was designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Since Bodie’s designation as a National Historic Landmark in 1962, efforts have been made to preserve the town in a state of “arrested decay”.


The Living Ghost Town

Bodie has been described as “a living ghost town” because some buildings and other structures remain as they were left when the town was abandoned.

The town is now administrated by California State Parks.

Visitors can take guided or self-guided tours of the town during daylight hours.

Due to its remote location and harsh weather conditions, Bodie is one of the best-preserved ghost towns in the American West.

The town of Bodie is said to be haunted by the spirits of its former residents.

There have been numerous reports of ghostly sightings and strange occurrences in the town.

One of the most famous ghosts is that of a little girl named Katie, who is said to haunt the cemetery.

Visitors have reported seeing her running and playing among the tombstones.

Others have reported hearing her laughter or crying coming from empty buildings.

There have also been reports of people being pushed or touched by unseen hands, and of objects moving on their own accord.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there’s no denying that Bodie is a truly eerie and fascinating place.

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