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The original Wednesday Addams, Lisa Loring, dies at age 64


The original Wednesday Addams, Lisa Loring, dies at age 64

The original Wednesday Addams, Lisa Loring, dies at age 64

At the ripe age of five, Loring captivated audiences with her starring role in the 1964 adaptation of Charles Addams’ dark cartoons – an accomplishment that has served as a defining moment for The Addams Family ever since.

We are saddened to announce that Lisa Loring, the beloved actor who brought Wednesday Addams to life in the original The Addams Family movie, passed away at age 64 after suffering a stroke.

On Saturday night, Loring peacefully passed away in the presence of her beloved family at the hospital. Her daughter announced this to Variety.

“She went peacefully with both her daughters holding her hands,” she said.

Laurie Jacobson, a close friend of Loring’s and an author, shared in her Facebook post that the tragedy was caused by smoking and high blood pressure; additionally, she had been on life support for three days before her family deemed to turn it off over the weekend.

Little Wednesday Addams was brought to life on our screens by five year old Loring from 1964-1966 in the first adaptation of Charles Addam’s New Yorker cartoons.

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Loring’s depiction of the macabre Addams daughter, with her iconic pigtails and gothic aesthetic, has had an indelible effect on all subsequent film and television depictions. This was especially evident in Jenna Ortega’s portrayal in Netflix’s latest adaptation; a dance inspired by Loring’s angular moves from the original series went viral online – prompting Ortega to publicly thank Loring for her influence.

In 1958, Lisa Ann DeCinces (Loring) was born in the Marshall Islands and eventually moved with her mother to Hawaii and Los Angeles. When she was only three years old, Loring began modelling, which led to her first TV role on the medical drama Dr. Kildare shortly after.

After catapulting to fame as the enigmatic Wednesday Addams, she moved on to star in the sitcom The Pruitts of Southampton and a spy drama named The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., eventually landing herself a recurring role on As the World Turns – an esteemed daytime soap with decades-long success behind it!

In the late 80s, she also featured in numerous horror films such as Blood Frenzy, Iced and Savage Harbor.

During that time, she also worked as a makeup artist on the set of the adult movie Traci’s Big Trick and it was there where she met her third husband, Jerry Butler – who happened to be an actor in the film.

Loring and Butler’s marriage had garnered great media attention, which was only amplified by the couple’s numerous public disputes due to Loring’s displeasure of Butler’s ongoing engagement in the adult film industry. Finally, after a tumultuous relationship that lasted until 1992, they decided on divorce.

Loring’s legacy will live on through her beloved daughters, Marianne and Vanessa, as well as her adored grandchildren Emiliana and Charles.

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