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Top 10 Paranormal Podcasts June 2023

If you’re looking for a little bit of excitement in your life, why not check out one of the many paranormal podcasts out there? These shows will have you on the edge of your seat as they explore everything from haunted houses to UFO sightings. So put on your detective hat and get ready to uncover the truth! Here are the top 10 paranormal podcasts for June 2023.

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10. Blondes & Boos & The Woo

Blondes & Boos & the Woo is an interview/panel show with hosts Krista, Erin and Brandi that will delve into the world of the paranormal each week covering a range of topics from psychic abilities to ghost hunting to Bigfoot research. These ladies will take you into a new view of “The Woo”. Find the show on Monday nights at 9p ET on Odysy Radio and iHeartRadio.

9. Huz Ghost Stories

In Huz Ghost Stories we talk about the local legends and ghost stories around Erie, Pennsylvania. We dissect the lore and then head out to the area to see what we experience. We’ll talk about any energies and phenomena we experience.

8. 222 Paranormal Podcast

All things paranormal With your host
Jennifer Shortridge & Joe Shortridge
Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.

7. Lurk

Join your host Jamie Jackson for weekly creepy, strange and bone chilling stories about topics like ghosts, cryptids, aliens, UFO’s and some True Crime. Jamie has been investigating the paranormal for 30 years and has traveled to many haunted locations.

6. Wild & Weird Radio

UFOs, Cryptids, the Paranormal? Are these things you want to hear more about? Well your in luck! Tune in and allow us to be your tour guides into all things Wild & Weird. Join us as we take you on a journey into High Strangeness, Cryptozoology, And far beyond! 
Your hosts: Ron and Joe from Wild & Weird West Virginia and Brandon Wills
 Music by: (The Space Bros) Dave Roberts, David DeWeese, Ron Lanham
 You can also catch video companions of new episodes on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/@WildandWeirdWV
Check out our other sites and be sure to sub and leave us some sweet reviews! https://www.linktr.ee/wildandweirdwv

5. When Walls Can Talk

When Walls Can Talk: The Podcast is a journey into the unknown, exploring the fascinating history and paranormal happenings of some of the world’s most haunted locations. Hosted by Denver-based witch, tarot reader, and paranormal enthusiast, Jeremy Haig, each episode delves into the mysteries and secrets that lie within the walls of haunted houses, abandoned buildings, and other eerie locations. With a combination of storytelling, interviews, and personal experiences, this podcast offers a unique and immersive listening experience for those interested in the supernatural and the unexplained. Tune in and let the walls speak for themselves

4. Ghost Tales By The Fireside

True ghost stories from the UK by Clem Dallaway 

3. Paranormal XL

Paranormal XL Podcast is about paranormal happenings and events. We will get into all things paranormal. Ghosts all the way to Aliens. We will take you along on adventures in ghost hunting and our discussions on the paranormal from all sides of the spectrum. Keep up on all episodes to hear upcoming specials and new changes. We also through some True Crime episodes in there.

2. Dead Rabbit Radio

The only daily paranormal podcast you will ever need! We cover the weirdest of the weird and only the most obscure stories make the cut!

1. EX V Planis

Welcome to the Ex V Planis circle. Join your host, Flood, for an ongoing conversation with other aliens wearing human suits, and those who see past the veil. This is a chronicle of an ever-evolving journey into the unknown. While we do take some Detours, the core of the journey is the Case Files; which chronicle field work and personal experiences from Flood and their ever-growing extended family of paranormal investigators, mediums, UFO hunters, cryptozooligists, scientists, psychologists, artists, musicians, and authors.

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