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Triangle UFO filmed outside of Salt Lake City, Utah

Triangle UFO filmed outside of Salt Lake City, Utah

A stunned bystander in Utah managed to capture a video of an unknown triangular craft suspended and hovering above Salt Lake City for several minutes.

Bemusingly, the odd occurrence was spotted last September but only recently went viral on YouTube channels committed to unusual aerial events.

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The man reported a peculiar UFO hovering “just above the high rise buildings in downtown Salt Lake” when he was exploring the suburban area of Draper. His account stirred up tremendous excitement due to its curiously shaped figure and location.

After estimating that the unidentified object was hovering approximately 1,250 to 1,500 feet in the sky, the man noticed it seemingly stationary at first and then gradually ascend northwards.

Fascinatingly, the witness claims to have observed this craft for some considerable time as they managed to film it over several minutes.

The man in the video was astounded by what he saw, and can be heard saying “It’s not a plane nor a helicopter! It appears to be some sort of triangle shaped object just suspended there!”

Potential explanations for this strange occurrence could range from a massive kite to an unmanned aerial vehicle, or even something as simple as a stray balloon. Yet another plausible explanation is that it was some covert military craft flying above the cityscape.

At present, the origin of this particular object is still unknown.

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