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Trouble in Travel Channel Paranormal Paradise

For many paranormal teams and investigators, a Travel Channel show is the Apex of one’s career. One of the few comfortably paying gigs in the paranormal, competition for these shows is fierce. And is it really a surprise?

Many of us grew up watching shows like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, and it served as a gateway into the paranormal subject for millions of people. 

But it seems with the bigger paychecks comes even bigger drama. Back in 2014 investigator Nick Groff famously left Ghost Adventures after having creative differences with Zak Bagans. Well-founded accusations that Bagans was promoting fake evidence to make the show more interesting, is often cited as the source of the riff.

Though Groff has never gone outright and said as much in public, lovable sidekick Aaron Goodwinn did slip up and admitted to as much on a podcast a few years later. 

Well it seems that history is repeating itself over at the travel channel, as several shows are being canceled, with Bagans at the center of the controversy.

The drama seemingly kicked off on Twitter with the announcement from the Destination Fear TV show announcing that the show had been canceled.

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Bagans, who is listed as a producer on almost all of the channel’s Paranormal programming, quickly became the target of outrage by the show’s fans. These flames were fanned by team member Dakota Landen.

He uploaded the following video, claiming that while Zak Bagans is not the reason the show is likely to be canceled, but then goes on to assert that him and Zak are far from friends and that he will have much more to say on the subject soon. 

A while later, in a thread about female investigators, many of whom have been fired by the network, Laden seemed to confirm that several other shows seem to be on the chopping block. These shows include: Kindred Spirits, Ghost Brothers, Portals to Hell, and the previously canceled Holzer Files

Laden’s Twitter outburst seems to have reinvigorated the old Ghost Adventures beef as well. Nick Groff has tweeted a similar video as Laden’s, promising to spill more tea on Bagans and his abusive behavior. 

With all these investigators taking shots at Zak Bagans crown, will it be enough to cancel the beloved show? Who knows and who cares.

Here at Paranormality, we’ve always known the past, present, and future of paranormal research is independent of corporate oligarchs. We happily invite any of these investigators who have received the Travel Channel Boot to come to sit down with us for an interview, and explore what Indy Paranormal has to offer! 

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  1. About time all the nonsense paranormal shows were binned..they have singularly ruined real research and investigation putting the field of anomalous research back atleast 25yrs with the spiritualist crap.

    All of the individuals now trying to have a go at Bagans are just as bad at promoting the BS as he ever has been!

  2. Perhaps you should learn the spelling on names before you publish anything. Also the post Laden did said Kindred Spirits was TBD. Get your facts straight before you spread lies and gossip.

    • Nothing is spelled wrong, and “on the Chopping block” and “TBD” mean the same thing in this context. Thank you for engaging, and sorry the reading level was too complex for you, best of luck on your journey!

  3. I was just saying shows like ghost Adventures and Dead files show fake evidence and make people sign off on the lies. Sad that the other shows have to be axed because of ZAk

  4. Stopped watching Ghost Adventures years ago. Zac has serious issues. Love Kindered Spirits, and Ghost Brothers. If they’re cancelled, I’ll cancel the Travel Channel.

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