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Two Headed Deer Or Glitch In The Matrix


Two Headed Deer Or Glitch In The Matrix

Two Headed Deer Or Glitch In The Matrix

This video was uploaded by TikTok user @sarinabeverly posted a rather interesting video of what seems to be a two-headed deer. As the video goes on it then appears that the heads merge together as the deer walk around a tree. With over a million views on TikTok, it has been leaving people questioning reality.

Many Commenters are saying that there are two deer and one is hiding behind a tree. I have reached out to Sarina for comments and her response was.

“So a little back story:
I wasn’t the one that took the video, it’s my cousin, She sent it to me and my other cousins in a group chat, and we were all buggin about it. But she doesn’t have tik tok and I knew people would go crazy over it like we did so I posted it. But to answer your question. It is just two deer, we have another picture with both the deer separate that you can see. No editing, no glitch in the matrix, just luck and an awesome optical illusion.”

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