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Two UFOs captured on film in the skies over San Diego

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Two UFOs captured on film in the skies over San Diego

Two UFOs captured on film in the skies over San Diego

Recently, footage was uploaded onto Twitter and has since been cover by various news sources.

Posted by twitter user @magot_e_dead on October 17th, the clip shows two bright objects moving together across the Californian sky.

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“Woah, dude, what is that ?” a woman’s voice can be heard saying.

The objects in the clip briefly disappear behind some clouds before descending and stopping for a few seconds, then continuing to move downward.

“That’s crazy,” the voice continues. “Oh, what ?”

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The clip gathered a lot of attention from journalists at NBC News and WSVN 7, who both wanted to feature the video on their channels.

The footage was popular internationally, appearing in the UK’s Daily Mirror.

But what exactly does it show ?

Some Twitter users interpreted the video as footage of extraterrestrial life, while others suggested that the objects could be flares. The woman who posted the video said she was not sure what they were.

This idea is backed up by the fact that the objects seem to be gradually losing altitude.

You can check out the clip for yourself below – what do you think the footage shows ?

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