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Velma goes R rated in the new series

Velma goes R rated in the new series

The glasses wearing nerd of Mystery Inc., Velma, is getting her own animated show, but it will be nothing like the classic cartoon fans remember.

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The Velma character will be explored in this TV series, and Mindy Kaling has promised that “it starts with a murder, bitch!” This trailer makes it clear that the content is not appropriate for children. It looks like they are going for more of a Harley Quinn vibe with this series.

According to those who paneled at NYCC, the show is advertised as an adult comedy full of raunchy antics and violence. The change in tone is why there’s no Scooby-Doo. Velma takes the lead, Shaggy/Norville are straight edge instead of potheads, and Fred can be a bit inconsiderate. It’s definitely not like the original franchise. Based on some audience members’ reactions, it seems as if the new direction might have strayed too far from what made the cartoon so popular in its prime.

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