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Video: Flying White Circles Spotted Over Paterson New Jersey

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A pattern of mysterious white circles was filmed flying high over Paterson New Jersey on Oct 14th which caused a bit of concern for locals.

Louis Stevens, who was on the ground filming the spectacle, said he lost count of what he called “flying white circles” that, he said, morphed into different shapes.

“You see it on YouTube and it’s always somewhere out in the Nevada desert somewhere,” Stevens said. “The shock of it is more like, is this really real? I mean, are we really looking at what we think we looking at?”

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The light show over downtown Paterson went on for more than five minutes, Stevens said. The mysterious light show ended as they moved out of sight over the nearby Garret Mountain.

WPIX 11 sent the video to the Federal Aviation Administration for review by an official, who checked in with local air traffic controllers.

The FAA said, “nothing was reported.”

Whether they were drones or something else entirely remains unclear. The city’s Public Safety Department did not respond to a request for comment.

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