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Video of a security guard talking to a ghost

Video of a security guard talking to a ghost

The guard, who in the clip appears to be speaking to thin air, was reportedly actually communicating with a woman who had died the previous day.

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The Finochietto Sanatorium care center in Buenos Aires, Argentina experienced a creepy incident earlier this year that was captured on the security CCTV camera. The footage, which was recorded at 3am, showed the guard sitting at his desk in the reception area when the doors opened by themselves.

The guard stands and walks to the barrier as if to let someone pass, but the footage proves that no one is there.

Even more strangely, the security guard can be seen talking and gesturing as if he’s having a conversation with someone. He occasionally referred to his clipboard, where it seems he was taking down details.

He then walks to the back, grabs a wheelchair and appears to motion someone to sit in it.

The later revelation that the security guard had witnessed an old woman enter the building at the time made the situation even more remarkable.

Although he had been kind to her and even offered assistance, the woman he spoke to had unfortunately passed away the day before.

So did the guard actually meet and interact with this woman’s ghost in the early hours of the morning or was he pulling some sort of prank ?

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