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Video: Square Metal Object Filmed Over Springfield, Missouri

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Video: Square Metal Object Filmed Over Springfield, Missouri

Video: Square Metal Object Filmed Over Springfield, Missouri

Justin Johnson said he was heading home, driving north on Glenstone Avenue in Springfield, Missouri, around 5 p.m. on October 18th, when he saw a “square metal object” spinning in the air seemingly only a few hundred feet off of the ground.

Johnson filmed the object for just over a minute, later posting the footage to his YouTube channel.

The object was “heading southwest from the northeast part of town,” Johnson said, and at first, he thought it was a helicopter, but his option started to change as he watched the object.

“As it got closer, I thought it was a balloon or trash blowing around,” he said in a statement on YouTube. “As I got right up on it, I could clearly see it was a cube spinning or wobbling on an axis.”

The object then started to slow down and start hoovering around downtown Springfield. That was when Johnson was able to stop his work vehicle in the turn lane and get a video of the object.

when he was finally able to record the object he needed to use the phone’s 12x zoom to capture it on film or a digital version anyway.

Johnson described the object as a “cube spinning or wobbling on an axis” that “looked like it had auras coming off the bottom and middle.”

“I know it is reflecting sunlight, but it also seemed as though there were lights going around it at about center mass and lower,” he said.

Johnson, assuming he wasn’t the only one who had seen the object called his parents that lived in the area as well.

“They said they didn’t see anything, but that they heard a loud noise at the time I was seeing this,” said Johnson.

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Cubic mylar balloons, such as the one pictured, can be purchased at Party City for $6.00.

Skeptical people are claiming this it what Johnson caught on camera, a silver cubic mylar balloon caught in a draft. I’ll let you be the judge.

source singularfortean.com/

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