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Video: Triangular UFO Caught On Doorbell Camera

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Video: Triangular UFO Caught On Doorbell Camera

Video: Triangular UFO Caught On Doorbell Camera

Matt Doughty, 43, was watching TV with his friend Kevin Barritt when he received a ping notification from his smart doorbell, warning something was outside his front door.

When he checked the footage he was shocked to see a triangular UFO flying over his house. Matt and Kevin watched the strange scene unfold, with an unidentified flying object slowly passing through the sky with three bright lights illuminating through the darkness.

Matt, from St Albans, Hertfordshire, said: “I was sat with my friend and said ‘blimey, I didn’t hear the doorbell go but I’ve got an alert came up.”

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Kennedy News and Media

“I looked at the footage and played it back. It was silent. Three lights came from the sky and I thought it was really weird.

“Where it’s come through the trees, it’s come over the house opposite me then the footage captures it coming from right to left. It disappears over the top of the woodland to the left of my house.”

“It was a bit of a chilling feeling really – I thought ‘oh my god, that’s quite close’. I wondered if I’d discovered something nobody knows anything about.

“When I showed Kevin he said ‘jeez, that looks like a UFO’.”

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