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Watch ghostly figure running toward a campfire

Watch ghostly figure running toward a campfire

A haunting video from a campfire gathering shows an unsettling presence emerging from the shadows and abruptly rushing into the blaze.

Last month, Erica Jestat Perri captured a spine-chilling scene on film and shared the creepy clip to TikTok. She admitted that she “got chills watching this”!

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In the video, her dog’s gaze is fixated on something advancing towards the backyard campfire, though we are unable to see what has enthralled her pet.

As Perri’s camera traces the creature’s trajectory, a distraction appears in front of her eyes. Out of the shadows beyond the logs, a tiny figure hastily scurries to hide itself within the fire and disappears without a trace.

Ever since it was posted on the internet, this video has astounded millions of TikTok users as they question if what they are watching is actually an authentic ghost.

Countless onlookers have speculated that Perri and her companion may not have perceived the eerie intruder, but her canine possibly identified the presumed phantom.

Nevertheless, not all viewers are convinced that the video contains anything paranormal and many skeptics have suggested that the ‘ghost’ is merely a lens flare.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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