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Woman claims ‘Shadow Figure’ is reason she went stabby stabby


Woman claims ‘Shadow Figure’ is reason she went stabby stabby

Woman claims ‘Shadow Figure’ is reason she went stabby stabby

At approximately 8 a.m., according to reports police officers were called to the Lunds’ Oshkosh residence only to find an emotionally distraught Lund covered in blood while attempting to halt the bleeding of her ex-boyfriend’s injuries.

Lund told cops she “thought she saw something” when she attacked her unidentified ex — whom she shares a child with and recently broke up with — and was worried there was “something wrong with my head.”

The young mother asserted that she had awakened at 6:30 a.m., and took her infant to the living room, where her former partner was still asleep on the sofa, so that child could have some fun in their playpen before snuggling back into bed.

“She had a muddled memory of something that might have been a dream, or her imagination, but she thought [victim] was yelling at their daughter,” the court documents state.

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Lund reported to police that she witnessed a shadowy, non-human entity assaulting her ex-boyfriend, an experience that had been recurring for half a year.

According to reports, she snatched a pair of scissors and began “attempting to murder” the shadowy figure, when in actuality, it was her ex-boyfriend.

The victim reported that he had awoken to Lund in the midst of her assault, but was able to ward off her attack.

Lund then stated that “she did not know what was happening, she had a dream,” according to the complaint. He asked her if she could go get him a towel and she then “said something about, ‘I don’t want to lose custody.’”

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