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Woman hears Fairy laughter while lost in the woods


Woman hears Fairy laughter while lost in the woods

Woman hears Fairy laughter while lost in the woods

A woman in Meath, Ireland, was on a stroll through the woods when it quickly escalated into a traumatic experience.

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Fairies are often represented in folklore and legend as mischievous yet helpful beings, but there are also stories of encounters with these creatures that challenge this notion.

Recently, a woman who wished to remain anonymous took to social media to recount a harrowing story from her recent travels.

On this particular day, she decided to take a walk in a small area of well-frequented woodland. She came to a fork in the road where there were identical trees on either side.

Even though the area was small and popular among locals, she got lost in what appeared to be a dense, remote, and overgrown forest.

Retracing her steps to the crossroads, she took a different route but again ended up lost.

She said: “I just had to get my steps up for a challenge that we were doing in work. I decided to go walk somewhere nice instead of just doing laps of my estate. It was a nice day so I said I would go for a walk in the woods. What was the worst that could happen?

“It was going fine then the path leads through two identical trees. I stepped through and put my hands on both trees. People are saying now that this was a mistake. One was really warm and the other was really wet and cold. I walked on and I think I took a left.

“The main path kind of branched off to the left and it just went nowhere. It went into a really overgrown forest, really high weeds and plants. I knew it wasn’t the path. There were lots of people around. It’s a really popular spot so I walked back and I thought that this wasn’t the main path and I should have taken the other way.

“I took the other way and then that similarly went nowhere. I went back to the fork to start over. I went back and I think I tried to go back the way I came. That also lead me nowhere.

“I walked back up the main path again but it didn’t look familiar. It was quite overcast at this point as well. I had pulled up Google Maps and I didn’t have a signal on my phone at all, which is not unusual for that area.

“I decided to keep trying paths. There were only three so I thought I’d eventually get somewhere. I kept walking down a path towards a really overgrown area again. At that point then, I heard a really light woman’s voice. I don’t know how to describe it. It was really high. She was shouting ‘over here’. I thought she was probably calling to her kids or something. Then she laughed and it was just when she laughed, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

“I have a very professional job. I’m not crazy. I’m quite logical but then the call came from the other side of me. I knew something wasn’t right.

“Something was just wrong. My first instinct was to run but I didn’t even know where to run. I just remember turning your clothes inside out is supposed to help. So, I just tried that. I felt like it was just mental. I just had to do it. I turned my t-shirt inside out, put it back on. I was hoping nobody was looking at me because it was a really weird thing to do in the middle of a forest.

“I turned around and walked back and almost immediately came to the two trees again. When I turned around and came back, I came to them quicker than when I had been walking in the opposite direction.

“I didn’t even think. I just wanted to get through. Then I could hear the birds again and people and stuff. I didn’t know what had just happened.

“When I got back to the car, I looked at my steps. The last time I had checked my step counter I had done 8,000 steps or something like that. I had put on an extra 10,000 steps. I didn’t come from a family that would have believed in that sort of stuff. Certain thing just stick in your head and that’s why I remembered the turning the clothes inside out thing.”

The woman admitted she was terrified when she heard the voice and didn’t think the laughter was friendly.

She said: “I was scared when she laughed. When she laughed, I don’t think I’ve words in the English language for it. I had never heard someone laugh like that. I knew something was really wrong. I just got this really bad feeling that things were not going to end well for me if I didn’t do something.

“I wasn’t scared until then. When she laughed, I knew something was very wrong. A lot of people have said that it was a ‘stray sod’. I always just thought they were nice stories. I love that collectively as a nation we often acknowledge it as a thing. I don’t know where all the extra steps on my Fitbit came from. I was surprised by the amount of people that it had happened to.

“We may not believe but we still don’t ever want to run the risk. I think I just got unlucky. I’ve been in those woods before. People were saying that the two trees on the path were a portal. I’ve no massive opinion but something really weird happened. We do so many things on a daily basis instinctively. There are open fields but every so often there will be a ring of trees in the middle of a field. They will plow around them. Even with our modern farming equipment, they still plow around those trees.”

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