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Woman learns the portraits she bought had a deathly secret

When Beckie-Ann Galentine set out to purchase some stunning photos, she could not have predicted the terror that would come next – it felt like something straight out of a horror film.

The TikTok user eagerly drove four hours to obtain the artwork, fully prepared to pay for it. She was stunned when the owner handed her everything without charging a penny – raising some serious red flags in her mind.

Deeply disturbed, the 31-year old investigated diligently and uncovered a grim past attached to these exquisite portraits – for every individual displayed had purportedly perished in mysterious and terrifying circumstances.

“I did research into the house and found the photos were obtained from a place of tragedy,” explained Beckie-Ann.

“One of the twins died at 10 months old, the man in the photo died of a heart attack trying to help people who crashed into his porch.

“Another family member died by getting hit by a train at 26-years-old the same week his mother died and his twin contracted pneumonia.

“Really heavy history and misfortune.”

( Image: Jam Press/@mybloodygalentine)
( Image: Jam Press/@mybloodygalentine)

Unearthing one-of-a-kind vintage pieces online and while traveling is an activity she loves, as she expressed: “When my partner and I travel, we always try to bring something home, but we don’t ever buy commercial souvenirs.

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“We look for antiques locally and that’s how I found the listing.

“The listing advertised three framed antique items – a photograph of twin babies in antique clothing, two standing gentlemen posed, and an early 1900s funeral lithograph.

“The lithograph print would have been sold to memorialize the recently deceased and hung up as a memento.

“The lithograph has a space for a name, but no name was ever added, but it was definitely for a decedent because it was framed and displayed.”

After spotting the strange artwork on Facebook, the ghost hunter sent a message to acquire it – and was astonished when she was given them free of charge only 24 hours later.

She said: “The items were listed at a reduced price of $75, but when I messaged the seller she told me they already sold.

( Image: Jam Press/@mybloodygalentine)
( Image: Jam Press/@mybloodygalentine)

“The next day the seller said she had a change of heart and canceled the sale in order to give the items to me for free, as long as we could pick them up.

“They were four hours away but [she] was willing to drive to meet us halfway.

“That sounded an alarm – who drives two hours to meet someone for something they’re giving away for free?

“When we met her we were given the photos, along with a vintage copy of the encyclopedia of witchcraft and demonology.”

Beckie suspected that the items she purchased were haunted and even divulged how the anonymous vendor revealed a clue to her.

She added: “We pick up a ton of antiques and always joke that they could be haunted.

“Usually after a few days pass without activity we accept that the objects are just old, not haunted.

“The first suspicion was the willingness of the seller to let these objects go and the lengths she was willing to go to bring them to us.

“She was so kind, but of course the included encyclopedia of witchcraft and demonology made us feel as if she was dropping a hint.”

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