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Woman Says Her Bathroom Wall is Bleeding

Bleeding Wall


Woman Says Her Bathroom Wall is Bleeding

Woman Says Her Bathroom Wall is Bleeding

A TikTok user recently went viral after posting a video of what appeared to be blood seeping from her bathroom wall.

There have been numerous recorded instances of walls and statues ‘bleeding,’ usually as a result of people claiming divine intervention, supernatural activity, home hauntings, and other similar phenomena.

Recently, TikTok user @lexyraye posted footage of a red fluid leaking from her bathroom wall, which caught the attention of many people.

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She stated that she had been living there for 20 years and had never witnessed anything like it.

The blood had emerged for the first time the previous night, and it was dripping down from behind the bathroom cabinet, but when she opened the unit, she proved that it came from a crack in the cabinet rather than anything inside.

“The wall is definitely bleeding,” she said. “This is straight out of a horror movie.”

The clip, which can be viewed below, has since racked up over 5 million views.


Dude …… wtf … my wall is bleeding …..

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