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Woman says she was abducted by aliens that removed her eggs and can prove it


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Woman says she was abducted by aliens that removed her eggs and can prove it

 Sheera Lumira Rejoice a popular tic toker (@sheerarejoice) explained how aliens visited her house three years ago.

She claims she has ovarian scarring from egg removal visible in an ultrasound as proof of her extra-terrestrial encounter.

She says that it all started in 2018 after she experienced a case of paralysis when trying to fall asleep on the sofa.

“I was freezing and my body couldn’t move. I looked over at the door and it opened, there’s a figure, a holographic-looking human figure,” Sheera explained.

She claimed: “This guy told me ‘you have three hybrid babies, you have three of your eggs taken’.

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“I initially had no idea of this until I met this man and my intuition trusted him.

“I became sober from every stimulus you can think of – drinking, smoking, taking caffeine. I started going out into nature a lot more, healing myself and my body.

“I ended up changing my entire name because of how drastic this change was for me due to this experience.”

She captioned the clip: “And no, I have never willingly got my eggs removed.

“For context, they took 3 of my eggs.”


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