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‘Yeti’ filmed in the Pyrenees Mountains

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‘Yeti’ filmed in the Pyrenees Mountains

‘Yeti’ filmed in the Pyrenees Mountains

Video footage has surfaced of what appears to be a yeti roaming through the Pyrenees Mountains.

Despite its blurry quality, one can make out the towering figure of this white and furry creature walking on two legs with arms hanging low like an ape’s.

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Sightings of this cryptid have a long-standing history in the Himalayas – or other snowy peaks which provide it with just enough cover to remain concealed from human view.

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These creatures, comparable to bigfoot and sasquatch, are often characterized by a white fur or hair coat instead of the typical brown or black reported in lower elevation sightings.

Do you think this is a yeti? Let us know in the comments.

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