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Yowie Hunter Claims He Has Proof Yowies Exist In Perth Bushland


Yowie Hunter Claims He Has Proof Yowies Exist In Perth Bushland

Jason Heal goes out every weekend in search of the Australian bigfoot AKA the Yowie. Heal is part of a small but growing community of cryptozoologists hunting. Jason and his partner Jason Dunn founded the Yowie Research Group in 2012 and have searched large swathes of national parks in Queensland and NSW, amassing a catalog of audio and video recordings purporting to be of the mysterious yowie.

The Yowie Research Group is now ramping up its research after finding what Jason thinks is strong evidence that the Yowies are living in the bushland. Jason says “I recently saw yowies running at superhuman speeds north of Bullsbrook. I believe there is a population of yowies all around the outer suburbs, including Mundaring, Serpentine Dam, and Lake Gnangara. I think they go to pockets of bush near people and use bush corridors but because they are moving in the early hours of the morning and are incredibly quick people never see them.”

Yowie footprint found in Perth Hills

When asked why there is nobody had proof of this exclusive cryptid? Jason said the reason was simple.

“A lot of people think I must be a loony to believe they exist because if they did they would have found the bodies or the bones by now, But yowies are elusive and have the intelligence to stay away from human beings.

If you look at every culture around the world they all have their own version of yowie, whether it is the yeti, sasquatch; there has to be something to it.

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“Australian Indigenous elders know about them for sure. It’s part of their folklore and they have passed down stories of their existence over thousands of years but keep it quiet.”

Jason believes the Neanderthal-like creature has been here for millions of years, longer than Indigenous people.

“They are not homo sapiens, they’re not monkeys or apes, but they have a primate face but are more human-like,” he said. They vary in size. You can have small ones the size of a child and bigger ones that grow up to 11 feet which have been seen in the Blue Mountains. They will eat anything: berries, plants, kangaroos, snakes, wallabies, roadkill, and humans too.

“There are a lot of people who go missing in the bush and the cases remain unsolved and it is usually put down to a homicide, I think some of these are the work of yowies.”

Jason also believes governments know yowies exist but keep it on the down-low because it would be bad for tourism. “If everyone knew they existed they wouldn’t go camping anymore,” he said.

According to Jason the community of yowie hunters and believers is growing in Perth.

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