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Historical figures and their otherworldly counselors

Throughout history, numerous accounts have been written about the...

Are We All Just Code in a Cosmic Computer?

Have you ever had that eerie feeling like your...

Zatan: The Taganrog Poltergeist

The Mysterious Case in Taganrog Victor Fefelov was one of...

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Unveiling the Dark Origins of Valentine’s Day: From Lupercalia to Modern Romance

Delve into the eerie roots of Valentine's Day, where...

Mysterious Entities Called ‘Obelisks’ Discovered Hiding in Human Gut and Mouth

A new class of genetic entities dubbed "obelisks" has...

UFO Allegedly Disabled US Nuclear Missile in 1964 According to Officials

Retired US Air Force officers claim a UFO disabled...

David Prescott Stirs Up Cryptid Cocktails

"I always loved podcasts that took a comedic spin...

John Radtke and The DairyLand Frights Podcast

The world of digital creators is inspiring, immense, and...

Bill Slevin and The Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.)

In the realm of the paranormal, where skepticism battles...

Wisconsin Family Tormented by Paranormal Activity After Buying Used Bunk Beds

Cursed objects. The concept is fascinating. There are movies about cursed objects and entire museums dedicated to cursed objects. I imagine that when you hear the words “cursed object”...

Whispers of Whitecroft: Hauntings in the Isle of Wight’s Former Asylum

Uncover the chilling mysteries that shroud Whitecroft Hospital, once the Isle of Wight's asylum and now the elegant Gatcombe Manor. Explore the eerie history, from its inception in 1896...

The Ghost of The Kalahari: Ghost or Alien?

The Ghost of the Kalahari seems to sit on the verge between a variety of phenomena. It has glaring similarities to the UFO phenomenon, the way it moves beyond...


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Top 10 Paranormal Podcasts January 2024

If you're looking for a little bit of excitement in your life, why not check one of the many paranormal podcasts out there? These shows will have you on the edge of your seat as they explore everything from haunted houses to UFO sightings. So put on your detective hat and get ready to uncover the truth! Here are the top 10 paranormal podcasts for January...

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