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David Prescott Stirs Up Cryptid Cocktails

“I always loved podcasts that took a comedic spin on ‘serious’ subjects,” said Dave, amateur comedian and host of the podcast “Cryptid Cocktail Party.” His show features paranormal tales served up with humor to draw in newcomers unfamiliar with the world of cryptozoology.

Inspired by shows with a wry observer playing it straight against bizarre claims, Dave envisioned “a rotating lineup of friends knowing little about cryptids” reacting with genuine surprise and humor. “Since my friends and I are lushes and wildly unserious people, it seemed like a good recipe for an entertaining dynamic,” he chuckled.

While diehard cryptid enthusiasts might prefer a more academic tone when discussing their pet topics like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, Dave sees his casual comedy podcast more as an accessible starting point for novices rather than a source of definitive research. “I wanted to create a show that’s accessible to everyone and make sure they have a good time rather than force-feeding a lot of dry facts,” he said.

Dave’s episodes have included covering little-known oddballs like Sam the sinister clown from Sandown alongside classics like the eerie late-night sightings of the Dover Demon. The humor arises organically from bizarre tales and conversations rather than feeling forced. “The jokes and camarderie with friends just came so naturally and I think that relaxed vibe comes through to listeners,” Dave said. Rather than a constant co-host, the rotating cast allows him to indulge his network of friends curious about creeping into cryptid territory while wisecracking over beer and bar snacks.

Even the podcast name evokes that informal, conspiratorial yet party-like environment among thirsty enthusiasts daring each other toward questionable life choices and eyebrow-raising Google searches after midnight. The result feels akin to ghost stories told while camping – never sure if your friends are trying to genuinely spook you or just pulling your leg after one too many rounds of drinks in the dark woods.

Dave also brushes off the lack of clear photos and videos in the era of ubiquitous social media, preferring to blame shaky hands and adrenaline rather than lies or hoaxes. “Look, I can’t even take a non-blurry photo of a still bowl of fruit in my controlled kitchen let alone a clear shot of a bizarre creature lumbering in the forest,” he laughed. Outlandish online viral videos riddled with obvious red circles and arrows pointing at mundane objects actually damage credibility in his view rather than provide convincing evidence.

“It just muddies the waters when these videos get passed around as ‘proof’ because it makes it harder for skeptics to believe the few compelling bits of evidence when presented rationally,” he said. “People get caught up in wanting their 15 minutes of viral fame and lose perspective.”

His personal favorites so far have been the episodes covering enigmatic beasts like the hulking Falkville Metal Man or the folkloric frost giant known as the Wendigo along with playful tricksters like Sam from Sandown. “Just really fun, bizarre stuff that lends itself to comedy,” says Dave. “It’s like telling ghost stories as kids but now we crack open a few cold ones to loosen up.” The camaraderie and comedic riffing off friends’ reactions enlivens the creepy campfire-like tales even more.

Practical advice for listeners? “Have fun, keep an open mind, but don’t lose sleep over any of this cryptid stuff,” recommends Dave. Letting one’s guard down can open doors to new perspectives but obsessing to the point of compromising judgment rarely ends well. Or as Dave colorfully puts it: “Imbibe in moderation and always call an Uber when you’ve had one too many Cryptid Cocktails!”

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