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The Elizabethtown Paranormal Society & Jamestown Ky Paranormal Research Center’s Adventures

Post by: The Elizabethtown Paranormal Society (TEPS)

Buckle up, paranormal enthusiasts, because we’ve got not one, but TWO spine-chilling stories that will have you on the edge of your seat! Our ghostly adventures with The Elizabethtown Paranormal Society (TEPS) are so mind-blowing, you’ll be checking under your own floorboards for hidden secrets. – the other story I will get you tonight! ALSO the image upload was not working but I got some pictures to send you for both stories. my email is teps.help@gmail.com phone to text 2707239488.

First up, we take you on a hair-raising journey to the Jamestown Mansion, where the brave and bold Pat McGlone called us in to investigate some seriously spooky happenings. Picture this: a 5800 square foot home with a dark past, a missing person mystery, and a side of cornbread mafia. Pat, the fearless homeowner, stumbled upon a web of corruption and paranormal activity that sent shivers down her spine. Unmarked cars started to watch her, unexplained voices and dreams of hidden bodies in the mansion, and a cat named Boo – this is one rollercoaster ride through the unknown that you won’t want to miss.

As we delved deeper into the mysteries of Jamestown, we encountered more than just creaky floorboards and drafty hallways. From eerie EVPs to shadowy figures and voices that sent shivers down our spines, the Jamestown Mansion unleashed a torrent of supernatural chaos. And that’s not even the end of it! From Pat’s unfortunate passing, unexplained offers on the house, and a cat with a sixth sense – it’s a plot twist that even Stephen King would envy.
But the TEPS team didn’t back down. We faced the unknown head-on, dodging unmarked cars, enduring late-night hauntings, and even surviving an EF1 Tornado. Now, with the mansion being rebuilt, we’re on a mission to uncover the truth. Is there a body under the green room floor? Did the previous owners before Pat try to bury the dark secrets by selling to an out-of-state buyer? And, most importantly, will we continue to “dig up” the truth and face the wrath of the supernatural?

The Jamestown Mansion

The Jamestown Mansion Quick Review: https://youtu.be/ZOZvfrx7aTk?si=yRW0W1xT6X7scXoB
Our journey begins with the remarkable Pat McGlone, a courageous and delightful soul who embarked on her own quest into the heart of Jamestown, Kentucky. Before our paranormal escapade, Pat’s extensive research unearthed a mansion entwined with the notorious cornbread mafia, a local judge, and a history steeped in shadows. The mansion’s peculiar design raised eyebrows, especially when Pat discovered that the previous owners insisted on selling exclusively to out-of-state buyers. Intriguing, right? Why did they fill in a basement with concrete? Why did they make hidden rooms and what has yet to be found?

Pat, captivated by the mansion’s aesthetics, envisioned a tranquil life beside Lake Cumberland. However, reality took a sinister turn as mysterious events unfolded within the mansion’s walls. Like a true protagonist, Pat kept these encounters with the unknown to herself initially, even as her children grew up and moved away. It was only when she felt assured of their safety that she delved deep into Jamestown’s history.

Pat’s Investigations Begin

Her investigation took a chilling turn when Pat uncovered ties to a missing person case involving Sandra (Sandy) Fisher. Local whispers gradually unveiled a dark underbelly beneath the town’s sunny facade, where individuals wielded corrupt influence and power. Pat, undeterred, continued her pursuit of truth, leading her to a chilling revelation: local officials warned her to cease her investigations into the mansion’s history or face consequences.
As Pat courageously navigated the labyrinth of secrets, the ominous forces at play sought to silence her. The town, once a picturesque family vacation spot, revealed its sinister side, complete with shadowy figures wielding authority. The stakes rose as Pat’s relentless quest earned her warnings from those who preferred the past to remain buried.
Hold onto your seats as we unravel the mysteries surrounding Pat McGlone, the Jamestown Mansion, and a town hiding more than its fair share of secrets. This is no ordinary tale – it’s a journey into the shadows where one woman’s courage clashed with a town’s desire to keep its darkest history hidden.

From that point onward, Pat became the subject of an eerie surveillance, with unmarked cars strategically parking across the street. A curious Pat would venture down to investigate, only to witness these mysterious watchers swiftly drive away before she could reach the driveway. Undeterred, Pat faced another unsettling development – offers for her home started pouring in. However, even when tempted with offers surpassing the home’s value, she refused to part ways with her haunted abode, sensing an underlying desire for her departure.

Pat’s resilience stood firm as she continued to confront the enigmatic entities that lurked within the other half of the mansion. Undeterred, she pledged to unveil the truth, sparking a surge in paranormal activity within the residence. Realizing the gravity of her situation, Pat knew she needed external assistance in her quest for the truth. Understanding that local help might not be forthcoming, she expanded her search throughout Kentucky for a team that exuded normalcy, seemed professional, and held no ties to the town’s mysteries. Enter The Elizabethtown Paranormal Society (TEPS).

TEPS Arrives on the Scene

The moment TEPS arrived on the scene, led by yours truly, Victor Hardy, it was clear that Pat sought not just believers but allies in her battle against the unseen forces within the mansion. Little did we know, the investigation would thrust us into the heart of a supernatural maelstrom. The women on our team were overwhelmed by an inexplicable sense of dread, fear, and a signaling of an unwelcome presence. Our equipment, previously unfamiliar with such intensity, began pulsating with otherworldly activity, including chilling words emanating from our radio box that would make you wonder why such foul language would be said to us for simply asking questions to the unknown.

As we delved deeper, a mysterious voice identified itself as Sandra, or Sandy, making a haunting connection to a missing person case that unfolded around the time the mansion took shape. Pat’s revelation added a layer of grim reality to our investigation. However, our communication with these spectral voices was abruptly halted by a more malevolent entity, casting an ominous shadow over our pursuit of answers.

The night stretched on, with our equipment buzzing well past 5 am, creating an unsettling atmosphere. Even after halting our investigation, the paranormal activity persisted. We reviewed everything in our collected data and videos. The evidence spoke volumes – Pat was right, something had transpired within those haunted walls. The only question that lingered: what unearthly secrets lay hidden in the darkness of the Jamestown Mansion? The mysteries had only just begun to unfold.

Our relentless pursuit of the truth led us back to the Jamestown Mansion time and time again, where mysteries lurked like shadows in the night. Working closely with Pat, we delved into the depths of the unknown, determined to uncover the secrets that had claimed her tranquility. However, our endeavors were met with a chilling realization – we were not alone in our quest.

Cars, eerily reminiscent of those that had watched Pat from her home, now trailed us back to Elizabethtown. Parked across the street from us at the church, these vehicles became silent witnesses to our every move. The air was thick with an unspoken resistance, as if the very essence of the town conspired to keep us at bay. Attempts to approach these enigmatic watchers only resulted in them speeding away, leaving behind an unsettling air of mystery.
Undeterred by these ominous signs, we even arranged for a group with a cadaver dog to join us in our pursuit of answers. However, the day of the meeting brought a sudden and unexplained silence. The company, after reaching out to local contacts for approval, vanished into thin air, leaving us with unanswered questions and a lingering sense of frustration.

Yet, armed with our EVP recordings, shadows, disembodied voices, and an unwavering determination, we pressed on in our quest to help Pat find the elusive truth. The paranormal tapestry continued to unravel, revealing layers of the unknown that sent shivers down our spines.

A Tragic Turn of Events

Then, a devastating turn of events struck. Pat, already battling an infection in her foot, underwent emergency surgery that unfolded into a tragic series of strokes and a heart attack. Despite her resilience, the surgery proved unsuccessful, and the looming threat of gangrene forced a heart-wrenching decision to amputate her leg. Pat, aware of the fragility of her condition, expressed her final wishes to be taken home to her beloved cat 🐈‍⬛ Boo so she can be in the home when she passes.

In the Jamestown Mansion, surrounded by the echoes of her paranormal quest, Pat passed away. Boo, loyal to the end, remained by her side, a silent witness to the passing of a courageous soul. We were fortunate to bid Pat a heartfelt farewell, sharing stories of our adventures and the bravery that defined her. The family, resilient in the face of grief, revealed that Pat’s legacy would live on through us.

Carrying on Pat’s Legacy

In an unexpected twist, the family entrusted us with continuing Pat’s work and offered us the Jamestown Mansion as it stood. We made the bold decision to uproot our lives, moving two hours away with our four children to embark on a new chapter. As the founders of TEPS, we realized that we weren’t just diving into the supernatural – we were entering a realm that blended both the supernatural and true crime.

Guided by my leadership, Victor Hardy, and bolstered by the unwavering support of my wife & fellow investigator, Megan Hardy, along with our sons Victor Leroy Hardy (the very inspiration behind the inception of TEPS), Carlyle Hardy, and our daughters Abby Hardy and EV Hardy, we fearlessly embraced the daunting challenge of residing within the haunted Jamestown Mansion. Within those historic walls, the echoes of Pat’s indomitable bravery reverberated, propelling us into the uncharted realms of the supernatural.

As we stepped into the unknown, we embarked on a journey to carry forward Pat’s legacy and confront the enigmatic mysteries that lay in wait. Far from being solitary pioneers, our TEPS team, integral to our ongoing mission, stands beside us, contributing significantly to our continuous research, testing, and investigation efforts. This formidable team comprises the fearless Jessica (Jess) Adams, & Jason (Jay) Adams, known as The Ghost Whisperer, the dynamic duo Cristin and James Godbey both combo of spiritual and technical yin & yang, the enigmatic Misty (Hollywood) Botts, the insightful psychic medium Jennifer Benham, the Winsor sisters Melissa and Marie, my sister April Loya, and the vigilant Angela Chamberlain. Together, we form a cohesive unit, unwavering in our commitment to unravel the secrets of the Jamestown Mansion and persistently advance the frontiers of supernatural research.

Presently, we find ourselves entwined in a relentless battle against the enigmatic malevolence that permeates the east side of the mansion. Our mission extends beyond mere ghostly encounters; we strive to amplify the voices of benevolent spirits and navigate the complexities of dealing with the wary locals. Their curiosity hinges on whether we will persist in uncovering the truth, just as Pat valiantly did for countless years.

Within the echoing hallways of the mansion, a comforting presence lingers – Pat, our steadfast ally in the ethereal realm. Her spectral guidance assists us in unraveling the mysteries shrouding the mansion. Each new addition to our team has stepped into an abyss of true horror, from phantom breaths on the neck to abrupt fluctuations between hot and cold spots, and the haunting echoes of shadows and voices emanating from our gear.

In this supernatural tapestry, we discern the coexistence of good spirits and others veiled in an ominous darkness. The malevolent force, privy to our presence, taunts us through our equipment, echoing sinister laughter when we invoke divine protection. It stands as a relentless guardian, concealing the truth beneath the concrete floors, especially in proximity to the vault room.

The Struggle for Truth Continues

Despite the mansion weathering the unrelenting force of an EF1 tornado, its reconstruction marks a resurgence in our pursuit of the truth. Questions echo through the corridors – does a body lie beneath the green room floor? Did the previous homeowners, predating Pat, endeavor to shroud its ominous history by selling to out-of-state buyers? Does a collective group of people still keep their silence after all these years?

Our commitment extends beyond the spectral realms; it transcends generations. We’ve chosen not to shield our children from the stark reality of this place. Armed with this knowledge, they navigate the shadows, empowered to communicate and maintain control over the lurking nightmares within the mansion. One undeniable truth emerges – the profound love of our family radiates a positive force, capable of repelling the malevolent presence into hiding. Yet, it emerges defiantly each time we delve into the depths, poised for a relentless struggle to guard the secrets concealed within the mansion’s haunted confines. The relentless pursuit of answers has become a testament to our unyielding determination, and the struggle continues, uncovering layers of the supernatural and the hidden truths that refuse to stay buried.

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