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A hotel room so haunted you have to sign a waiver to enter


A hotel room so haunted you have to sign a waiver to enter

A hotel room so haunted you have to sign a waiver to enter

Men who enter this specific area experience anxiety and can’t bear to stay for more than a few minutes

A Chester hotel room with a ‘haunted’ doll is so eerie that visitors must sign off on the fright before being allowed in.

Ye Olde Kings Head on Lower Bridge Street is home to the infamous Grace doll in a glass case within its walls. To get anywhere near her requires one to be an experienced paranormal investigator, and even then they must sign a waiver before proceeding any further.

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After the recent arrival of Grace doll – proclaimed by Danny Moss, a paranormal investigator involved with My Haunted Hotel at Ye Olde Kings Head – to be Britain’s most haunted item, a unique security camera was implemented to monitor it 24/7.

(Image: My Haunted Hotel)

He stated: “Since the start of this year, we’ve had multiple individuals reporting immense difficulty while staying in room eight. Interestingly enough, it appears to leave a more pronounced impact on males than females.”

Entering this area can be an unwelcoming experience for men, inducing a feeling of unease. It’s become increasingly difficult to stay even just three minutes in there; it is almost impossible for any man to remain longer than that.

“People are hearing the sound of three knocks which is meant to signify the mocking of the Holy Trinity. Some people have also experienced their eyes burning.

“That happened to me a few years ago when we kept it at Tatton Old Hall. I heard an entity say ‘burn’ and I said ‘what?’ and my eyes felt like someone was chopping onions.

“It was scary and lasted for around 30 to 45 seconds. My job as a paranormal investigator is to debunk reports of paranormal activity but this was a bizarre moment.

Are you a fan of all things supernatural? Then Chester is the place for you! With its two-thousand-year history, this British city bursts with paranormal activity that attracts dark tourism. From regular ghost tours to Mary Anne Cameron’s book, Chester City of Ghosts, there are countless opportunities to explore and experience something spooky in one night.

(Image: My Haunted Hotel)

A number of peculiar artifacts adorn Ye Olde Kings Head, from the bar to its upstairs hotel rooms. Notably, a glass container in the bar holds Willow – an eerie doll that customers have said has been seen moving before their very eyes! With such tales of terror swirling about this old haunt, why not come by and see what mysteries await?

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