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A strange creature caught on camera in great detail


A strange creature caught on camera in great detail

A strange creature caught on camera in great detail

YouTube users in the Spanish-speaking world have had a field day talking about an unusual video that allegedly captures the apparition of a woman crawling across the ground, recorded at seemingly different angles.

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An ominous silhouette in the shape of a woman with long hair emerges from the night, dragging her legs across a desolate street. Captured at another angle, she appears to be performing an upside-down crab walk that looks straight out of any horror movie; her skeletal visage fills onlookers with terror.

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The disturbing creature moves in a strange, crab-like fashion with unsettling and unnatural movements that remind one of the 2002 horror films “The Ring” and “The Grudge”, which featured an eerie poltergeist girl from beyond the grave.

Those with a sharp eye may recognize that the first two camera angles are actually identical, only flipped as a reflection to give an illusion of another angle. The third shot is from an alternate camera and viewpoint—making it look like possibly a woman playing around. We can just hope that this eerie footage is not fabricated!

What do you think this strange creature is? Let us know in the comments.

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