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Alien abduction allegedly caught on video

A former UK defense chief has said that a video allegedly depicting a Midlands woman’s alien abduction could possibly be a “hoax or something genuinely spooky”. Nick Pope, who used to work at the now-defunct UFO desk at the Ministry Of Defence (MoD), stated that he had “briefly” met the couple who took the video in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

The story goes that the woman had believed that she was being regularly abducted by aliens and had decided to install an infrared CCTV camera in her bedroom to capture any potential evidence on film.

The footage itself shows her tossing and turning in bed before seemingly disappearing into thin air with the bed covers falling down at the spot on which she had been lying just seconds before.

She can then be seen to reappear towards the end of the clip – again seemingly out of thin air. The total amount of time she was missing was around 12 minutes.

Dave Hodrien, the lead investigator at BUFOG, analyzed the footage and concluded in a report it appeared to be “genuine and not a deliberate hoax”.

Mr. Pope – who investigated reports of UFO sightings at the MoD between 1991 and 1994 – for his thoughts and expertise on the subject and case. He said: “I’ve seen this video before and I briefly met the couple concerned, though I haven’t investigated the case personally.

“Frankly, there’s not much middle ground here: it’s either a hoax or something genuinely spooky and – perhaps – out of this world. Sadly, I’d taken early retirement from the MoD before I saw this video.

“If I had the footage while I was working on the UFO desk, and if I also had access to the camera equipment, I could have secured a proper scientific analysis using intelligence community imagery analysis resources and capabilities. That would quickly have told me if the footage was genuine, or had been faked.”

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He continued: “While alien abductions weren’t formally in our terms of reference on the UFO project, you can’t investigate UFOs without finding yourself drawn into the debate about alien abductions. People did contact us about abductions and other so-called alien contact experiences, but I had to tread carefully because it’s been MoD policy for decades to play down our interest and involvement in the UFO phenomenon.

Mr Pope said he was “open-minded” about abduction stories, although he believes some cases can be attributed to hoaxes and hallucinations. He added: “Over the years I’ve met enough people who claim to have had alien abduction experiences to say that the majority seem sincere, with no signs of psychopathology. As with UFOs, there’s unlikely to be a single explanation here.

“Some cases will be hoaxes, some may be the product of vivid dreams and hallucinations, and some may be false memories resulting from regression hypnosis. But as with UFOs, it only takes one case to be genuine and we’re in game-changing, paradigm-shifting territory.”

Unfortunately, this video is too grainy for us to say if it is real or a hoax. Though we would like to hear your thoughts on it in the comments.

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Source Birmingham Live

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Brandon Grimes
Brandon Grimes
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  1. Very fascinating article and video. I won’t bother speculating on whether the video is real or fake (though if fake, what motive is there?), but I do think this video gets to a central idea behind the abduction phenomenon. While some abductees recall being “floated” out of bed and out the window, sometimes up through the ceiling, most don’t recall what happened at all and only have vague memories of their experience. To say that an abduction must occur in X, Y, and Z fashion is ridiculous – we simply don’t know and the eyewitness testimony that does exist is as varied as each observer.

    I think this video, real or otherwise, may be representative of how an active abduction might appear to an outside neutral observer. E.g., the abductee may not remember anything at all, or perhaps have the sensation or realization that there are “beings” in the room, and that they (the abductee) remember being floated out the window and through the yard, etc. Maybe those things ARE happening, but to the outside neutral observer we only witness the brief disturbance and sudden disappearance of the abductee. This begs the question, if the abductee were to remember the event and recalled “beings” in the room, where they physically there but not observable to the neutral observer? Or were the “beings” simply a psychic phenomenon.

    I guess my point is this – assuming abductions and “alien” encounters are real:

    Are these events taking place in observable reality as we know it (if yes, why is there effectively zero evidence aside from witness testimony)?

    Is it happening physically around us, but is entirely unobservable except to specific participants (implying the phenomenon picks and chooses who will and who will not participate in the activity, and are using a technology beyond our current understanding to either cloak themselves or perhaps phase into and out of our observable physical space and time)?

    Or are visions of beings and being floated through the window a type of screen memory their the abductee creates on their own? To fill in the gaps of their poorly understood experience?

    Really, really interesting.


  2. This alien abduction is possible a trap door with in a fake bed that could allow a person to appear, to disappear under the covers! If there was no covers and one could see the body disappearing that would help to aljedamise an abduction.

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