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The Web of the Ancient World Part 1

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Are There UFOs Lying On The Ocean Floor Near Lima, Peru?

What lies at the bottom of our oceans? Is it just fish, rocks, and random man-made debris, or can there be other things? Recently, scientific scanning produced a rather stunning find; a disk-shaped object with a diameter of 6.4km that is out of place compared to the surrounding ocean floor.

The answer could be one of these possibilities:

1. A gigantic saucer-shaped craft that either crashed at that spot or is stationary.

2. It’s not a craft at all but a port hole, or entrance to something else, like a base.

3. It is simply an oddly formed chunk of sediment and we are all going mad.

For this third answer, there is one more disk-shaped object that has a diameter of 4km that was found 385 km away from the first object. This object also is very out of place as it does not match any other nearby and this also has aroused the suspicion that it may also be a UFO.

Remember, years ago, there was a flap of USO (Unidentified Submersible Objects) off the coast of Lima, Peru as well. Are these objects connected to those sightings?

Perhaps someone should contact Avi Loeb.

Here are the coordinates to the objects:

Object 1: 10°45’36.43″S 82°21’52.43″W

Object 2: 14°12’23.11″S 81°38’53.57″W

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I am the news correspondent for Wild & Weird Radio, I have researched the paranormal for about 2 decades now, I've also personally experienced many paranormal events in my life, and I am a self-published author. I spend most of my time reading, writing, or thinking about the paranormal. I know that we may never find the answers to many of our questions, but I want to collect the data to prove that it is real.

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