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Bees produce purple honey: but only in North Carolina

Bees produce purple honey: but only in North Carolina

Heralded as a unique phenomenon, the Sandhills of North Carolina is reported to be the world’s only area that yields purple honey – an ethereal mixture resembling extraterrestrial goo more than your typical sugar-laden nectar.

This rare and delectable liquid has captivated honey and beekeeping enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, like a mythically-crafted spell that enchants those who hear its tale.

Rumor has it that purple honey is both sweeter and more flavorful than its amber counterpart, boasting hints of fruity undertones.

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Recently, the internet was abuzz when some aerial shots of a mysterious deep purple-hued honey jar went viral on Reddit. People were divided in their opinions – is this real or not?

(image U/GoldenChinchilla/Reddit)

Surprisingly, to the people of North Carolina, this delicacy is considered a limited commodity.

The color of honey ranges from light yellow to deep amber, depending on the type of flower that the nectar comes from. However, in the case of purple honey, its cause is still unknown.

Some believe the color of purple honey comes from blueberries or huckleberries; however, both scientists and beekeepers can attest to bees not having teeth strong enough to penetrate the skin of such fruits.

Though some assert that the Kudzu flowers have a peculiar hue, and others believe it is the southern leatherwood, in truth no one can be certain.

Professor John Ambrose of North Carolina State University suggests that the shade of purple in honey may be attributed to an interaction between the acid found in a bee’s stomach and aluminum.

Seemingly, coastal North Carolina’s flora has the highest concentration of aluminum in comparison to anywhere else on Earth. This could be why this particular type of honey is only harvested here.

Countless people who have been fortunate enough to try purple honey attest that it tastes just like the color; a blend of grapes and berries.

“It’s sweet. It’s produced by the bees, but it has a fruity undertone to it,” beekeeper Donald Dees said. “It kind of goes with the unusual character of the honey being purple. It’s a fruity flavor that really no one can identify.”

Recently, the internet has been abuzz with news of purple honey, a rare delicacy that often sells for more than its golden counterpart. All this hype has only increased demand even further – with North Carolina beekeepers reporting orders flooding in from every corner of the globe!

“I’ve got it on hold,” Dees said. “I’ve got a few orders left to fill. “I couldn’t keep up with the orders there for about three or four days. I mean, I had to shut the website off, so I could get caught up with the orders to make sure I didn’t sell more than I had.”

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